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Random from The Earth

~ Where we live ~

Overheard in New York

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 27, 2014, 11:28 PM
Girl #1: Have you ever got hit by an errant cup of coffee?
Girl #2: Once, but I’m not sure how errant I’d consider it.

–Fix Coffee, Williamsburg

Bitch: Oh hi! We were just speaking very poorly about you!

–Art Gallery, SoHo

WASP Lady: The train service was really nice. Not at all like the subway.

–Midtown comics

Hot chick: You know what? I hate all men. I have two nieces so I don’t even need to have kids. I can have sex any time I want, so I’m happy.

–Art Gallery, SoHo

Literary Agent: I’m full of shit. I can’t help it!

–36th Street  

Hot Girl: …and then gonorrhea. Yeah, I think that’s all I’ve had. Not as bad as I thought!

–Union Square Station

Yuppie: I don’t think he’s working now. All he ever talks about is monkeys and robots.


Young Son: Is there a Mars eclipse, too?
Father: There’s no Mars eclipse. There’s Marzipan, but no Mars eclipse.

–West Village

Waitress: Is that book you’re reading fiction or theory?


Gay #1: How is being gay going for you?
Gay #2: I don’t really jibe with the culture.
Gay #1: Like what?
Gay #2: The music.

–7A Cafe, East Village

Employee: Would you like to try a new Portuguese wine?
Customer: I love South American wines!

–Cabrini Wines, Hudson Heights

Yuppie: We shouldn’t be using our brains to simulate monkeys.

–Broadway & 72nd

Spa Girl: I just want to remind you that for 24 hours after your appointment you can’t have any food or drink with color.
Man: So does that mean that I can’t sleep with a black woman tonight?
Spa Girl: Uh…no! I guess not!

–BriteSmile Spa , 57th & 5th

Son: Is rain alien acid or regular acid?
Mom: Regular acid.

–43 Street & 9th Avenue

Shopgirl: You got to go to Hawaii for the summer? You’re so lucky!
Shopqueer: Not so lucky; I had to come back.
Shopgirl: At least you got to get out of the country.

–Urban Outfitters, Upper West Side

A group of punks walk by the Hellenic Steaks restaurant. Punk: This restaurant is perfect for me: I love steak, and I love Satan!


Chick: Hey, come look at this, like, book!

–Barnes & Noble, Union Square

Girl #1: My friend Chandra thinks she’s still a virgin because she’s only had anal sex.
Girl #2: How do you know this girl?
Girl #1: She goes to my church.

–New York Public Library, 40th & 5th

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