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Not Always Romantic: Relationships

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 31, 2015, 11:23 PM
home | TX, USA | Dating

(I’m watching TV when my boyfriend walks in the room and starts changing out of his white t-shirt.)

Me: *pointing to the TV where a man is also taking off a white t-shirt* “Hey, look. You two are doing the exact same thing.”

Boyfriend: “Great minds think alike…”

Me: “You might want to hold that thought.”

(As we continue watching the man pulls on a pair of latex gloves and starts gathering supplies which include duct tape and a knife.)

Me: “I’m watching Criminal Minds.”

Boyfriend: “Forget what I said.”

Bank | Auckland, New Zealand | Flirting/How We Met

(I’m waiting in a line at a bank and a creepy man stands behind me and starts talking to me. Bear in mind I’m around 15-16 at the time and he looks to be in his late 30s to early 40s.)

Guy: “Are you married?”

Me: “Nope.”

Guy: “Do you want to get married?”

Me: “Maybe in a few years.”

Guy: “Do you want to marry me?”

Me: “I like to know guys before I marry them.”

Guy: “Do you have a phone number?”

Me: “Only my parents’. ”

Guy: “I bet your dad has a shotgun, huh?”

Me: “No. We don’t believe in guns. I’m sure the chainsaw would work just fine, though.”

home | HI, USA | Dating

(I’m on the phone with my boyfriend.)

Boyfriend: *in a deep, gravelly voice* “Guess what?”

Me: “What?”

Boyfriend: *in the same voice* “I’m Batman.”

(I laugh for a second; his impression is quite accurate. He carries on with it.)

Boyfriend: “This makes my throat hurt.”

Me: “Then stop being Batman!”

Boyfriend: “I can’t.”

Me: “Why not?”

Boyfriend: *in an even deeper, gravelly-er voice* “Because not only you, but all of Gotham needs me.”

Street | PA, USA | Dating

(My boyfriend is British and I am American, so I often have to explain American cuisine to him. We have just eaten deep-fried Oreos on the 4th of July.)

Boyfriend: “I’ve heard of deep-fried Mars Bars. They say they’re great.”

Me: “Anything deep-fried is popular, like deep-fried Twinkies.”

Boyfriend: “What are Twinkies?”

(Before I can answer, he quips…)

Boyfriend: “Are they the sponge things filled with semen?”

Me: “…Yes.”

home | San Francisco, CA, USA | Dating

(My girlfriend and I are getting ready for the day.)

Me: *farts*

Girlfriend: *in the other room* “What? I didn’t catch that.”

Me: “…that was my rear end.”

Girlfriend: “Oh, well, they sound the same sometimes.”

home | NJ, USA | Marriage & Partners

(My husband and I have been having a stressful few months, culminating in a particularly stressful move. We are not having a great time but we are trying to stay positive for each other. We are cooking dinner and I am chopping vegetables.)

Me: “Yelp.”

Husband: “What? What happened? Did you cut yourself?”

Me: “No I’m okay, I just scraped my fingernail with the knife and I startled myself. I’m fine.”

Husband: “Okay, be careful! Please don’t cut your finger off right now.”

Me: “Yeah, this wouldn’t be a good time to have an injury on top of everything else.”

Husband: “Yeah, babe, you can go to the emergency room as many times as you want in August, but this month is booked.”

home | Calgary, AB, Canada | Dating

(My boyfriend comes home from work and finds me rummaging in the fridge.)

Me: “I had a couple of beers in here. Did you drink them?”

Boyfriend: “Is that any way to greet your beloved?”

Me: “Oh, my sun and stars, most precious pearl, and light of my eyes – where’s my booze?”

Fast Food, Restaurant | Antwerp, Belgium | Flirting/How We Met

(Upon leaving the restaurant, a passer-by stops me)

Him: “Are you single?”

Me: *a bit cautious after earlier experiences* “Why?”

Him: “I’m looking for someone like you to replace my recently deceased girlfriend.”

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