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Not Always Learning: Education

Journal Entry: Wed May 27, 2015, 2:13 PM
College & University | England, UK | Bad Behavior, LGBTQ, Liars/Scammers, Students

(The only girl in the class is a drama queen and centre of attention at all times. If things aren’t going her way she blames it on everyone else and causes a massive scene.)

Girl: “Ugh, I hate [Teacher].”

Classmate: “He’s all right.”

Girl: “No, he told me off. He was completely out of line.”

Me: “Wait. He told you off because you didn’t do the assignment.”

Girl: “No, it wasn’t. I think he has a thing for me, dirty old perv.”

(The teacher is a pretty normal teacher. He is actually one of the most forgiving, but can’t stand it when people forget their assignments. One day I am approached by the head of the department.)

Head: “Can I have a word with you, please?”

Me: “Err, me? Sure.”

Head: “We have had reports that a teacher has been acting improperly towards one of your classmates. I wanted to speak to all of you privately.”

Me: “Really? I can’t say that I have ever see…” *then it dawns on me* “This is about [Girl] isn’t it?”

Head: “I can’t say. Have you ever seen a teacher act improperly towards a student, or say anything unprofessional, get too close, that sort of thing?”

Me: “I hate to say this, but you realise that [Teacher] is gay, right?”

Head: “What?”

Me: “I wouldn’t have said anything but I know that [Girl] is making up lies. I have actually met his husband.”

Head: “Oh, I err, well I never knew.”

Me: “Please don’t tell him it was me. He doesn’t like to share his private life. But I don’t want him getting into trouble over a girl playing stupid games.”

Head: “No, no, of course.”

(A week later, the same head of the department puts his head through the door.)

Head: “Can I speak to you please, [Girl]?”

(She has a big smirk on her face, before announcing…)

Girl: “I’ve had enough of this class and you!” *to teacher* “Expect to be in a lot of trouble.”

(We could hear her screaming then fake crying through the door. I don’t know where she went but I never saw her at that college again.)

Middle School | NY, USA | Bad Behavior, Exams/Tests, Students

(In our Spanish class, there’s one girl that’s always loud and disrespectful to the teacher. She calls out, comments on everything, talks back, and gets kicked out of class several times. However, as class work only counts as 5% of the grade, and the girl is really smart and gets high test scores, the teacher is forced to give her As… until this happens during an exam.)

Girl: “You never told us there would be a test today! This is SO unfair!”

Teacher: “Yes, I did…”

Girl: “Uh, NO?”

Class: “Shut up already!”

(Teacher hands out tests. We work until only five minutes remain.)

Teacher: “Five minutes!”

Girl: “Oh, my god! Could you be quiet?! My parents will kill me if I fail a test!”

(The girl continues frantically working. The teacher, seeing that everyone else is done, sneaks up behind the girl’s desk and SCREAMS into her ear as loud as possible!)


(The girl shrieks and falls halfway off her chair.)

Girl: “Aah! What the h***?!”

Teacher: “Oh, am I distracting you? Gee, now you must know how I feel when you run your darned mouth in my class!”

(My class is in hysterics. There’s one minute of time left, and the girl still hasn’t done three five-point questions. The teacher continues making noise, drumming on the desks, whistling, and humming loudly right next to the girl.)

Teacher: “Time’s up, everyone! Pass up your tests, please. Also, as a surprise, this test also counts three times towards your average! I hope you all did well, since it’s almost the end of the semester!”

Girl: “Noooooo! You can’t freaking do that!”

Teacher: *checks the girl’s test against his key* “Oh my, [Girl]. First a 60% on the test, and now more insubordination? HOW UNLIKE YOU. I think I’ll need to have a small meeting with your parents!”

Middle School | NY, USA | Language & Words, Religion, Theme Of The Month

French Teacher: “The French term for to fish is pêcher. Strangely, this also means to sin.”

Student: “Weird. Maybe it’s like, because the Jesus symbol is a fish, so fishing is evil.”

Me: “I thought there was a story where he did this fish duplicating thing. And ate the fish…”

College & University | England, UK | Books & Reading, Ignoring/Inattentive, Teachers

(I am in a lecture.)

Professor: “Now, I would really recommend you all take a look at this book.” *holds a book in the air* “It has several sections relevant to this course. Of course I don’t expect you to all go out a buy one; we have copies of it in the library.”

(After the class)

Classmate: “Hey, [My Name], where are you going?”

Me: “I’m going to check out that book. I doubt there are many copies and I want to take notes.”

Classmate: “Good idea.”

(We walk down to the library, and begin searching the shelves.)

Me: “I don’t see it anywhere. It should be right here. I’ll ask.” *to the librarian* “Excuse me, do you have any copies of [Book]? We were told to borrow it from here.”

Librarian: “Sorry it looks like we only have the one copy and… [Professor] has it out. It looks like he’s long overdue.”

(It is a full week before we see our professor again, and tell him what happened.)

Professor: “Oh,THAT book. Well, I mislaid it somewhere. It doesn’t matter; it wasn’t that important anyway.”

College & University | Rexburg, ID, USA | Art/Design

(I’m in my figure drawing class and my professor has set up an exercise where we write verbs and adverbs on slips of paper, then the two models we have in class draw one of each and try to pose based on the words they draw. This happens to our male model on round three.)

Male Model: *reads his slips* “Do I really have to fart merrily?”

(Yes, we made him.)

High School | CA, USA | History, Musical Mayhem, Students

(I’m in AP World History class and we’re discussing Russia before communism.)

Teacher: “…and that’ll contribute to the rise of Lenin.”

Girl: “Wait, who’s Lenin?”

Me: “Evil massacring commie who set Russia back decades.”

Girl: “Oh, I thought that he was the guy from the Beatles…”

College & University | MA, USA | Food & Drink, History, Students

(I have returned to college to get a second degree and pursue a new career. I’m taking a world history class to satisfy some requirements. The professor is discussing the organization of pre-industrial towns in England.)

Professor: “What was at the center of every English town?” *silence* “Come on, guys. What’s at the center of every New England town?”

Girl: *hesitantly* “Dunkin’ Donuts?”

Elementary School | VA, USA | Religion, Teachers, Theme Of The Month

(I’m subbing in a fourth grade classroom. The students are taking an open-book science test about the planets. About twenty minutes into the class, a young girl walks up to me with her test, looking worried.)

Student: “Miss [My Name], this question doesn’t have a correct answer!”

(She hands me the test and points to a multiple-choice question asking how old the Earth is, with answer such as 3.2 billion, 2.3 trillion, etc.)

Me: *handing the test back* “I see the answer is in there. Remember, you can look in your book to find the right answer, too.”

Student: “No, look. The Bible doesn’t tell us how old the earth is! So none of these answers can be right.”

(I’m lost for words for a moment, not expecting to hear that argument out of a fourth grader.)

Me: “Well, we don’t know how long it took God to create the world. We don’t know how long his seven days were. Do you think it took a long time for him to make the world?”

Student: *nods*

Me: “Scientists know how old the Earth is because they’ve done tests and looked at lots of stuff from a long time ago. This is science class, right?” *she nods* “Sometimes science and religion don’t match up. When you’re at church, you listen to your church leader, right?” *she nods again* “So if you’re in science class, who should you listen to?”

Student: “The teacher?”

Me: “Right.” *I hand her the test paper back* “The answer is in your book, I promise. Just do your best.”

(She went back to her test and didn’t have any more questions for me. I don’t know if it was the best way to handle that situation, but it seemed to work. Subbing in the Bible Belt is something else!)

College & University | Orlando, FL, USA | Excuses, Students

(We are about halfway through the semester in our prerequisite English class. The class is four hours long, and has been going on for about an hour and a half.)

Student: *walks in and sits down as if nothing is wrong*

Teacher: *stops lecturing and stares at him a moment* “[Student]! Why are you so late?”

Student: *looks up from where he was organizing his book and notepad with a solemn expression* “Ninjas.”

Teacher: *shocked into silence*

Middle School | WA, USA | Rude & Risque, Students

(We’re rearranging desks in our classroom. My best friend is supposed to be one of the more innocent students in our class.)

Me: *directing two other students* “Push these two apart and stick that in here.”

Best Friend: *quietly, but loud enough that we can all hear it* “That’s what she said!”

High School | Louisville, KY, USA | Family & Kids, Health & Body, Students

(At my all-female high school, every student is required to take a basic health class, always taught by the same teacher. Every semester, during the unit on reproduction, the teacher likes to play a video about childbirth which is very quiet and soothing for about the first 10-15 minutes before rapidly cutting to a screaming, graphic birth scene. My younger sister was recounting this to me as we were driving home.)

Teacher: *after the video has finished* “Who here is now planning on adopting? *the entire class raises their hands*

Girl In The Back: *mystified, traumatized tone* “It’s like a rocket…”

High School | OH, USA | Cheaters, Parents, Religion, Theme Of The Month

(My mother is a high school chemistry teacher. While observing her students settling in at the start of the period, she watches one student [who happens to be Christian] pass her completed homework to another student. Per the school’s academic code, my mother collects the homework, gives both students a zero on the assignment for cheating, and reports the cheating to both sets of parents and the office. The mother of the Christian student meets with my mother regarding the incident.)

Mother: “I can’t believe you are accusing my daughter of cheating! She would never do something like that!”

Teacher: “I watched her do it.”

Mother: “My daughter is a good Christian girl; she would never cheat!”

Teacher: “I watched her do it.”

Mother: “My daughter is a good Christian girl! She goes to church every Sunday and Bible study every Wednesday and says her prayers every day!”

Teacher: “I watched her cheat.”

Mother: “I think we should pray over this and see what God wants us to do.”

Teacher: “I watched her cheat. I will not be praying with you.”

Mother: “What are you going to do about this? My good Christian girl can’t have this kind of academic record.”

Teacher: “I have done all that I am going to do. I watched her cheat and I took appropriate action as required by the school’s academic code.”

Mother: “I will have you reported to the principal!” *stalks off ranting about how her ‘good Christian girl’ would never cheat*

(It never seemed to occur to the mother that her daughter’s religious observances had no bearing on the situation; she allowed another student to copy her work, which is cheating. Unfortunately, this was just one of many parents who tried to use their religion as ‘proof’ that their children were good, didn’t do it, and should be given another chance.)

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