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Journal Entry: Thu Dec 18, 2014, 4:01 PM
Pantera: Could they be Reptilians?

Back in 1981 a decent, but relatively forgettable hard rock/hair metal band called Pantera was formed in Arlington, Texas. These unknown rockers would later become rich and famous, but was it really by their own merits? Or was it a dastardly scheme to water down and destroy heavy metal?

Throughout the 80's Pantera released 4 similarly styled albums, Metal Magic, Projects in the Jungle, I Am The Night, and Power Metal. During this period they were playing a blend of speed metal and glam, bringing to mind influences ranging from Kiss to Judas Priest. But in 1989, something happened: a sudden and drastic change in style. The fun-loving rockers of the 80's transformed, as if over night, into a band of vicious and angry tough guys.

This may seem like an innocent case of a band simply "evolving" musically, or trying to keep with the times, but I think the truth is far more sinister. I believe that in 1989, our fun loving hard rock heroes were captured by Reptilians involved with MTV in their war against heavy metal. Once they were in captivity (or killed) the Reptilian shape shifters assumed their identity and began making a style of metal which could both sell to the masses and dumb down the population. Gone were the lyrics of bands like Iron Maiden who sung songs about classical literature and poetry, replaced by bands singing about doing harm to our human brethren. The Reptilians ascended to power under Pantera's name ruining true metal in America for most of the 90's (they were luckily unable to have much of an impact in Europe). Is it a coincidence that heavy metal began to make a comeback in the mainstream in and around 2005? Perhaps Nathan Gale is in fact a hero of metal, for eliminating the Reptilian threat of Pantera!

Anyone who doesn't believe that the government is controlled by a secret cabal of the global elite who are working towards globalization and a new world order must be totally BLIND.

Most conspiracy theories are PROVEN facts that have not been admitted by the authorities YET.

The one thing EVERY denier and conspiracy basher have in common is they haven't taken the time to do their own research.

Cannabis only became illegal after the Marijuana tax act was passed in 1937 as a result of a Masonic propaganda campaign. The campaign sensationalized false claims about Cannabis. The film Reefer Madness spread hysteria and false information.

The medicinal and religious use of Cannabis dates back to 5,600 B.C. Hemp was a crop that the founding fathers of this nation grew and traded. It is intellectual insanity that the American people have allowed this conspiracy to continue for so long. The tenants of the Freemasonry cult are in direct opposition to the ancient practice that promotes Cannabis for spiritual development and health. The conspiracy to suppress and prohibit the use of Cannabis and Hemp is an act of Racketeering and a violation of the RICO ACT.

The ultimate aim of Freemasonry has not simply been the intellectual confusion caused by their "marijuana" propaganda to support their conspiracy against Cannabis and Hemp, but ultimately they seek the total spiritual, physical and moral destruction of their victims by making the Holy Herb of Cannabis illegal for use in daily prayers, depriving the people of the single food source that contains all essential amino acids required to sustain human life, placing the treatment of cancer outside the reach of the common man, and "marking" those in possession of or trading with it with lifetime stigma that robs them of the general benefits afforded to the rest of society.

Those who make secret oaths must never be allowed to serve in government. Without knowing the nature of their secret oaths, we can never know if their "secret interests" conflict with the interest of the American people.

All Freemasons must be removed from our government, investigated, and if warranted, prosecuted. They must be stripped of their assets and their assets used as reparations for all those who have suffered harm and incarceration as a result of the laws that prohibit cannabis and hemp.

I just finished reading Erich Von Daniken's book. This guy has some really good ideas an it mainly deals about the fact that God in hindu en budist scriptures as wel in the old and new testament is not a metaphyisical entity but just a real entity namely a Astronaut with advanced technology. Mainly in hindu scriptures there are many accounts of flying machines and gods coming from the skies and armies fighting while their leaders using very modern weapons that are supplied by the "gods". In the old testament they get a mana machine wich makes bread for them that only certain priest can use. There are detailed descriptions about such machines. There is a lot of evidence, even archelogical evidence that points to gods being astronauts.

Whether or not we landed on the moon is disputable. The images purportedly taken on and from the moon are certainly falsified, having been taken on Earth. The evidence of the pictures and movies being faked is incontrovertible. That does not mean that they didn't make it to the moon though, just that the images are not from there.

Islamic colonization is a problem in Europe like Hispanic colonization is a problem for America. But the question is, why are these Muslims going to Europe? They are going there to flee the chaos created by Israel. Once Israel is eliminated, the Muslims will go back to the ME - whether they want to or not. Also, if you look at the immigration laws, in Europe and America it is Jews who pushed to open the borders to the immigrants in the first place, not Europeans. If we deal with the Jewish problem at home and abroad, the Muslim problem will solve itself.

[Obama] was picked to be our First Black President in 1992 at the 27th Communist convention in Moscow and Alice Palmer an Illinois state senator dropped out to allow Obama to be state senator and he became our First Black President with a Study in Moscow at Patrice Lumumba University who taught Marxists and Communists out of Africa as they hoped to get Africa Communist,, Muslim another thorn in Our Side!!

It's a form of mind control, probably set up by the Global Elite, or New World Order, as the conspiracy movement calls them, to divide and conquer us. It's just another way they use to set us against each other, so that we don't unite and rise up against the real enemy, which are the Global Elite who are running the show. Aaron Russo, in an interview with Alex Jones, revealed that Nick Rockefeller of the infamous Rockefeller dynasty, told him that the Rockefeller Foundation created and funded the feminist movement, for instance.

But even charismatic conspiracy leaders like David Icke, who are passionate and relentless about exposing the ways in which this Global Elite or NWO control and divide us, are afraid to bring up modern feminism as one of the culprits of this engineered chaos and disorder. Probably it's because they have a large female fan base and do not wish to lose them, so they avoid this taboo. Not even they, being passionate truth seekers, dare to violate it. Only Men's Rights leaders like Tom Leykis and others have dared to expose this taboo issue.

Dread. From the moment the white smoke appeared, it has just been dread. Every day I dread what he is going to say or do. What must be remembered in all of this, and what I have been saying since day one of the Franciscan pontificate is that we MUST understand and remember that Our Lord is ANGRY. Very, very angry. And as St. John Eudes told is in no uncertain terms, when God is angry with His people, we get bad clergy. Given the unprecedented sins of the once-Christian world, it should be no surprise whatsoever that we now have not just bad priests, but a bad pope. Hey, if we had the pope we deserved we would have Pope Snoop Dogg right now, so… yeah. Sigh.

Obama WAS NOT elected legally. He won because of rigged voting machines, located at places guarded by the Black Panthers. Said machines were created by (Brandon was his name) who even ADMITTED before the Nov elections that they could be rigged for a different outcome. And what was pouring in from all across the country? Reports of peoples' Romney selection being recorded as an Obama selection, with those who oversaw the polling places being told to instruct people to expect that it will record for Romney nonetheless.

And there were the widespread reports of Obama's army of vans that kept arriving to polling places with out-of-state liscence plates. And the innumerable reports of campaign contributions from other nations (to Obama) and people voting twice for him. All told, Obama isn't the U.S. president "legally", no.

[fundies are discussing Obama]

I agree with you. Look who he placed in his cabinet. All Muslims. All his czars are MB. No one says a word, not even Cruz or Paul. If there's no revolution, we are finished. People I know who voted for him don't believe any articles I send to them. We are preaching to the choir. People like Jones and Beck aren't enough. They're preaching to the choir too. The MSM know what's going on, but they're controlled. Everyone is controlled. I keep wondering if they'll come for me. I feel like a Jew in Nazi Germany. No difference. This has been planned down to smallest contingency. FEMA camps, food supply's, ammunition buys, etc. time is running out. Eventually sheep will awaken, but by then it will be too late.

Most of your homosexuality comes from being a lab rat contaminated by introduced estrogen mimickers. This is not a natural feeling for you rather a constructed one that was brought about by either ignorance of accidentally introduced highly active chemicals into our environment or the intentional introductions of those chemicals with malice to reduce the breeding populations to keep the masses from competing with the perpetrators. You can believe what you want but in the end this was done to you and not something that was natural for you. If you are content with being used to destroy your own heritage than there should be no problem for you being gay.

Testimony from people who did know Obama in some of his younger years, after his family moved him here from Kenya and Indonesia, have testified repeatedly to the fact that Obama is a pathological liar. They say he lied about EVERYTHING, never telling the truth. They (male and female, btw) have said that, if he said it was raining outside, you better go check. They've also testified, repeatedly, to his extensive drug use, all agreeing that his drug of choice was always crack. They also testified, again repeatedly, that he has ALWAYS been a homosexual. He NEVER liked girls, it's a complete fabrication with his wife and "kids." The bottom line is, nothing about this so-called man is any good, NOTHING!! According to the similar testimony from several people, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka Harrison J. Brounell is a pathological lying homosexual drug addict. Yep, it looks like those who voted for this schmuck got the government they deserve, eh?

I was on our school board for 12 years want the real truth? MOST of the Principals are GAY yes Gay, they are liberals faggots and the teachers March to the step of their MArxist unions. They truely follow the Saul Alinsky model. We broke them for a while but they crept back in after the conservatives left the board. We had ZERO mention of anything gay or Muslim . We did nOT allow teachers to indoctrinate the kids because we actually monitored the classes. It tales vigilence and strong activism on the part of the conservatives to stop these people. They tried to sneak books into the school that were revisionist History. under the guies of extra reading. You have no idea until you put yourself into the frey how bad these Marxists are.

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